Various Articles & Information

The following articles and information have been collected over the years and provide excellent reading material for your general health and wellbeing.

pdf thefifthelement.pdf    The Missing Piece of the fat loss puzzle written by Tom Venuto

pdf The_Importance_of_Alkalinity.pdf 

pdf Foods that burn fat.pdf

pdf Foods that turn to fat.pdf

pdf Osteoporosis.pdf     What is Osteoporosis?

The following information I have put together in the form of a book "Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss, Good health & Improved Quality of Life"

pdf How_do_I_do_it.pdf

pdf Goal_Setting.pdf

pdf Exercise_Plan.pdf 

pdf LOW_GI_-_Eating_Ideas.pdf

pdf Abs_Exercises.pdf   The best 5 Ab exercises

pdf Stretching_Handout.pdf    Stretches for all of the major muscle groups (Improve Flexibility)

pdf Detox_book.pdf    Ethical Nutrients boost Energy Detox book